leaf  Order Form for Usher Condensed Fonts

The Usher Condensed font family contains the following weights: Light, LightOblique, Normal, Oblique, Bold, BoldOblique. Usher is Rubicon's implementation of the Univers design. A free trial version can be downloaded from www.rubicon.ca.

How to Order
Print this page, fill in the order form, attach payment, and mail it in. Alternately the fonts can be purchased online via credit card, see www.rubicon.ca.

Rubicon Computer Labs
Box 1776
Chelsea, Quebec, J9B 1A1

The fee for Usher Condensed fonts is US$12.

[ ] Cheque (US or Canadian bank)
[ ] Money Order or Bank Draft
[ ] Cash in any hard currency

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Corporate Customers
Volume Pricing, Custom Fonts, Site Licences, Font Embedding & OEM Licences are available. Purchase Orders accepted.

E-mail:  software@rubicon.ca
Web Site:  www.rubicon.ca